Corona Virus Intensive Webinar 

Reviewing the Therapeutic Spectrum for Covid-19: Pharmaceuticals, Botanical and Homeopathy

Dr.Kokayi's intention is to equip you and your loved ones with the tools to protect against the evolution of the virus.


Dr.Kokayi's has successfully treated patients with Covid-19. He will combine his thirty+ years of experience, expertise and scholarly research to produce a webinar that will help you to heal yourself.

Dr.Kokayi's is a licensed medical practitioner serving the global community for over thirty year helping to successfully heal people with the gamut of illness, including lyme disease, cancer, depression, Covid-19 and the list goes on. 


Considering his experience and expertise, Dr.Kokayi's

Covid-19 intensive webinar, is valued at 175$ just wait,

the doctor has a special for you:)

Protect & Equip


Dr.Kokayi will explore the various ways that the virus can attack and weaken the body. He will review alternatives that can make a difference in your favor. 

Peace of Mind

Settle into the fact that you will receive the Crème de la crème of Science, Medical Expertise and Experience. Upon completing discussing the main areas of vulnerability, Dr.Kokayi will share with you the solutions to shield yourself through the application of homeopathy, botanical medicine and if needed, pharmacology. 

Note from Dr.Kokayi:

You and your entire family deserve to know!

I have shared that there is a lot of controversy regarding the origins of the virus, and as a physician and healer my goal is to educate and to heal.

The virus is here, and I want to share with you how to equip, you and your loved ones against its evolution. 

Valued at $175 

This intensive webcast is now