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  • NY Medical practice: healinghealthservices.com

  • Los Angeles Medical Practice: kamaukokayimd.com

  • Virtual Consciousness Meditation & Transformation Program: Kokayiohm.com

Dr.Kokayi Background
Dr.Kokayi's most recent publication: 

A graduate of Yale medical school and practicing physician for over 30 years. Dr. Kokayi receives his highest accolades from the patients who no longer require his service as they have been realigned with the original state of wellness. 


Dr. Kokayi was inducted into Cornell Universities, Quill and Dagger Society. 

He is currently the president of the Homeopathic Society Medical Society of NYS.


Dr.Kokayi recently retired from the NY State Board of Acupuncture. 

He has hosted conferences around the globe covering a slew of topics from Men's health to Meditation.

WBAI was his radio platform for over a decade, where he hosted his show, the Global Medicine Review. 

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Dr.Kokayi's testimonials for Meditation and Consciousness Transformation Program: 

I noticed and my sister noticed my attitude about life has changed. I take things in stride, less stressing myself. I loved to bathe with the energy ball I create. I awake everyday with more gratitude than before. I feel this method of healing complements the measurements taken by the medical doctors.

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