COVID-19 from Mushroom Clouds to Hidden Microbes

Mankind is faced with a challenge that is demanding us to grow and transform. This webinar will explore directions and solutions in this ongoing unfoldment. How do we keep pace with the progression of this virus?

Join us on Wednesday, May 13 at 8pm ET for our live event, COVID-19 From Mushroom Clouds to Hidden Microbes.

In this one-hour session, our host Dr. Kamau Kokayi will discuss:

  • The virus as the latest challenge to human survival.

  • The present health crisis.

  • What is the consciousness needed to combat a pandemic.

  • What we know about the Corona virus.

  • Solutions for this pandemic.

  • Important considerations.

  • A profoundly human issue: A crisis of consciousness.

Date: Wednesday, May 13th 
Time: 8PM EST & 5PM PST