1 day-Open Heart Meditation Intensive Workshop

Why Join ?

Dr Kokayi on Consciousness Transformation 

Consciousness Transformation
00:00 / 01:58
  •  This one day event will focus on tools and techniques to assist in Consciousness Transformation.   

  • We will help you get closer to an experience of your deepest self

  • There will be discussions, medical case stories, and exercises

  • Want to get more clarity about your life and tools to navigate health issues and problems that confront your daily life?



          This is the place for you! Grab your spot NOW (below) and lets get busy! 


Price Adjustment

SALE! $250.00

  No experience with meditation is required and for all those who are meditators the creation of a “field” will assist and amplify your efforts.    Each participant will receive a copy of the Power of the Heart video and other preparatory materials.

Lets Heal together Transform Ourselves and the Planet